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AI-powered HD mapping


With Jakartowns, it’s as good as being there

Jakartowns is a virtual explorer that lets you analyze, measure and inventory all aspects of your city’s digital twin.

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Jakartowns - Digital city viewer

Our Digital Twins Solutions

HD mapping

Autonomous driving

HD maps for autonomous vehicles

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Smart City

Cities & Territories

Create and manage a digital twin city

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Telecom & Powerlines Maintenance

Telecom & Power Lines

Reduces risks related to telecom and powerline maintenance

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Harness data from the world around you

Jakarto transforms the world around you into highly customizable data
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Mobile mapping systems

Our mobile mapping systems are equipped with millimeter- precision LiDARs and 4K cameras, designed specifically to read small print. This equipment has a capture capacity of 2,000,000 points/second. Annually, our tech can capture 150,000 km throughout all four seasons.



The 3D imagery and spatiotemporal data collected by Jakarto offer a mine of valuable information that can be adapted to your needs. Thanks to our team of geomatics engineers specializing in artificial intelligence, different data processing applications can be created for numerous applications. Change detection and object recognition are two concrete examples of what the system is capable of customizing.

Change detection

Change detection

During the second pass of mobile mapping, planned or unplanned landscape changes are automatically inventoried by the system.

Object recognition

Object recognition

Thanks to artificial intelligence, images captured by our mobile mapping units can detect specific objects. For example, the system can quickly locate the geographic positioning of all traffic lights in a given area.