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Enhance and analyze the data from your area of interest by directly downloading point clouds through our web service, Data.

The Data web service, offered by Jakarto, is a valuable asset for professionals who aim to leverage 3D data. This interactive application presents a 2D map, allowing users to select a specific location and download its point cloud data. The downloaded data can then be directly integrated into the user's point cloud software, thus facilitating deeper analysis. Data brings a new dimension to 3D data utilization, providing a precise tool tailored to the needs of cartography and spatial data analysis professionals.

The Data application is an additional offer. To access it, please contact us directly. Contact us

Once this service is activated for your user account on the Jakarto platform, a link between the Data service and the immersive Jakartowns application will appear in the side menu.

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Consult the coverage map to see if your location is already digitized!

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