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High resolution 3D LiDAR point cloud illustrating the territory

By default, Jakarto's HD LiDAR data is available in Jakartowns web application to visualize the territory, take measurements and assist you in carrying out an inventory. Check out our coverage map. Subscribe!

Jakarto's HD LiDAR data is also available as raw data so that you can use it in your GIS / CAD (GIS / CAD / BIM) software.

Default file formats: .las and .laz,

Upon request and under certain conditions (costs, deadlines, your specifications), Jakarto can generate 3D tiles in .pnts format (3D Tiles).

Specifications when ordering:

  • Geographic coverage (a city, a boulevard, a district, any zone specified by you, etc.);
  • Organization (cutting and delivery) of files according to:
    • Linear, depending on the road network;
    • Square tiles, the approach of territorial coverage by equivalent tile.
    • Specific polygons, personalized territorial coverage approach, by section.
  • The resolution:
    • Full resolution: all points captured;
    • By sampling: lightened point density (resolution) by specifying the most representative point (low, high, middle or central point) of each cell, of a size appropriate to the needs (between 1 cm to 1 m sides, generally 10 cm);
  • Colorization of point clouds by the projection of images collected by cameras;
  • Basic classification:
    • Ground
    • Aboveground
  • Classification on request (special projects, additional costs):
    • Ground
      •  Pavement
      • Ground
    • Aboveground
      • Buildings
      • Vegetation
      • Urban furniture
      • Posts and lampposts
      • Road signs
      • Other…

Consult the coverage map to see if your territory has already been digitized!

If your geographic area is not yet in the Jakarto catalog, and is in accordance with our geographical coverage planning, the data can be produced as a priority. For an area outside of our planning, a request for production can be made after an evaluation. In this case, you can expect a production and delivery time between 5 and 10 weeks.

Consult the coverage map to see if your location is already digitized!

Coverage map

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