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Products > HD Spherical Images

HD Spherical Images

Series of spherical images (360 bubbles) illustrating the territory as seen by the cameras of the mobile unit (WYSIWYG).

By default, Jakarto's spherical HD imagery is available in Jakartowns web application to visualize, take measurements, and assist you in conducting an inventory. See our coverage map. Subscribe now!

Jakarto's HD spherical imagery is also available in image files for you to view and use in your favorite applications.

Jakarto's HD spherical imagery may also be called or related to:

  • 360 bubble;
  • 360 panoramic image;
  • equirectangular image;
  • sphere generated from fisheye images.

File formats: .jpg / .webp + metadata in a structured file

Specifications when ordering:
  • The geographical coverage (a city, a boulevard, a neighborhood, any area specified by you ...);
  • The geographical dimension, in the case of square tiles;
  • The resolution:
    • Full resolution: 8 192 x 4 096 pixels;
    • Reduction of the resolution according to the specifications/needs of the customer.

Consult the coverage map to see if your territory has already been digitized!

If your geographic area is not yet in the Jakarto catalog, and is in accordance with our geographical coverage planning, the data can be produced as a priority. For an area outside of our planning, a request for production can be made after an evaluation. In this case, you can expect a production and delivery time between 5 and 10 weeks.

Consult the coverage map to see if your location is already digitized!

Coverage map

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