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Surface Drainage

Inventory of ditches and culverts along the road network

This Jakarto data represents the surface drainage along the road network. The inventory consists in identifying, locating, and tracing the courses of the ditches and identifying and locating the culvert mouths. By taking into account both relief and slope, it is possible to deduce and validate the connectivity and topology (water flow) between culverts and ditches (vectors).

This inventory data is generated from Jakarto's "Digital Twin" already available in Jakartowns web application. See our coverage map.

The ditch and culvert inventory data comes in three deliverables:

  • 2D Data: Data file (.shp) containing the geolocation of culverts and the alignment of ditches visible to the sensors of Jakarto's mobile mapping units;
  • 3D Data: Digital terrain model of the road and its sides, ditches;
  • URL context Jakartowns : For each element, a hyperlink is associated and can be activated to open Jakartowns directly at the location of the ditch or culvert in order to visualize the entire geographical context.

Quality and completeness

Note that Jakarto offers by default a confidence level on identification and classification of 95% (minimum, the result can be higher) via its automatic data processing platform.

Optionally, there are two (2) possibilities surrounding quality assurance in an attempt to achieve 100% identification and classification of the data as seen from the road:

The buyer client can himself, with semi-automatic tools provided by Jakarto, perform quality assurance tasks and assist the algorithms to confirm uncertain cases;
Jakarto's team of experts can, for an additional fee, perform these quality assurances and labeling tasks.

Geographic coverage

If your geographic area is not yet in the Jakarto catalog, and is in accordance with our geographical coverage planning, the data can be produced as a priority. For an area outside of our planning, a request for production can be made after an evaluation. In this case, you can expect a production and delivery time between 5 and 10 weeks.

Consult the coverage map to see if your location is already digitized!

Coverage map

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