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Use Jakarto's pointclouds as a 2D data layer to get a detailed map background.

Tiles is a web service dedicated to displaying point clouds in the form of various types of raster. This service offers you an efficient way to visualize and interact with 2D layers, providing on-the-fly access to a rich collection of geospatial data.

Tiles offer a rich and varied choice of 2D layer styles, such as:

  1. Maximum Intensity: This style represents the highest light reflection intensity recorded during the LiDAR scan, allowing the characteristics and details of the mapped surface to be clearly distinguished.
  2. Lowest Points: This style displays the lowest points recorded during the LiDAR scan. The absence of trees in this layer gives you a clear view of the ground, allowing for more precise analysis of the underlying surface.
  3. Maximum Intensity of the Lowest Points: This style combines the previous two, highlighting the lowest points that also have the highest intensity.
  4. Verticality: This style is specially designed to highlight the sudden changes in verticality present in the point clouds. It emphasizes noticeable differences in terms of height, therefore facilitating the understanding of vertical elements of the landscape such as cracks and roadway edges. This allows them to be visualized effectively.
  5. Classification: The classification style is generated from our semantic classification algorithms applied to our point clouds. It allows to identify and distinguish different types of objects present in the cartographic data, such as buildings, vegetation (including trees), ground, vehicles, cables, poles.
  6. Relief Shading: This style provides a visual representation of the shadow cast by the relief, creating a three-dimensional impression that helps to understand the topography of an area. This can be useful for spotting topographic depression areas like ditches.

Discover Tiles now and unlock the full potential of 2D geospatial data visualization.

Discover Tiles

In addition, this web service is accessible via WMTS or XYZ tiles. It requires a subscription to the Jakarto platform. Sign up and then use the service in your own GIS.



Consult the coverage map to see if your location is already digitized!

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