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JakartoMay 19, 2023 6:00:00 AM2 min read

Jakarto accelerates its development with the acquisition of Anagraph !

Jakarto Cartographie 3D, a company specialized in 3D mapping offering a digital twin and automated extraction of a territory's assets using high definition data, announced today the acquisition of Anagraph. True innovation studio in geospatial intelligence, Anagraph specializes in spatial data infrastructures and in the design and deployment of web mapping and geomatics applications.

This acquisition is strategic for Jakarto as it will accelerate its technological development around its digital twins and asset inventory solutions. Jakarto and Anagraph share similar values of innovation and excellence, as well as a common vision on the infinite potential of geographic information. 



“We are delighted to join the growing Jakarto family and contribute to its continued success and growth," said Nicolas Delffon, President of Anagraph. Our combined expertise and technologies will provide an unparalleled experience for both public and private asset managers looking to make their professional practice more technological and efficient.

“What a perfect match ! I've always thought our companies were moving in the same direction, technologically and philosophically. We are extremely excited for Anagraph’s very talented and experienced team to join ours. The combination of strengths opens up many opportunities for our customers," said Felix Laroche, CEO of Jakarto. This acquisition fits perfectly with our ambition to grow in our industry.”

It is interesting to note that Jakarto had already called on Anagraph's expertise for the initial developments of Jakartowns web solution. The integration of the two teams has begun and this new strength will allow more land and infrastructure professionals to leverage Jakarto data and solutions.  


About Jakarto 3D Cartography

Jakarto offers innovative data and web application solutions to AEC (architecture, engineering, construction) and geomatics experts. These solutions benefit municipalities as well as owners and operators of large networks (transportation, energy, telecom).

Jakarto stands out in the market for high-definition 3D mapping because it masters the entire value chain. Jakarto captures 3D data with its mobile units equipped with LiDAR and cameras, mapping cities and infrastructures in Canada and the United States. Supported by artificial intelligence, Jakarto generates data and feeds its data catalog with 3D digital twins and a variety of other 2D layers. The Jakartowns web platform makes it easy to view and distribute this data to customers and subscribers.


About Anagraph

Anagraph is a dedicated digital intelligence studio specializing in massive spatial database structures, geoanalytic platform design and deployment. The company, founded in 2014, has developed cutting-edge expertise and unique technology combining geographic data with information technology to enable better understanding and in-depth analysis of space and related phenomena.