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Jakartowns, as if you were there!

Our web viewer facilitates the consultation of massive Lidar and imagery data to analyze, measure and inventory urban furniture.

Jakartowns eases massive Lidar and imagery data access

Engineering grade tool, allow users to reduce drastically time on the field!

Loupe ACCURATE POSITION Get precise X,Y coordinate of any objects within 5 cm of precision, 95% of the time.  
Regle2 Measure Take precise measurements, distances, clearances of any visible objects.  
Data3 Inventory

Virtually do asset inventory in the digital twin and easily export in your databases.


Jakartowns in numbers

150 cities already digitized
120 000+ kilometers digitized

Jakartowns: 3D Visualization and Data Management

Jakartowns is a web application by Jakarto, designed to transform your urban mapping experience. Jakartowns offers precise and interactive 3D visualization of cities and infrastructure.

Key Features:
  • Immersive Visualization: Access detailed digital replicas of urban environments.
  • Intuitive Management: Easily import, export, and analyze your GIS data.
  • Complete Accessibility: Manage urban assets from your office, without the need for field visits.

Key information

Geographic coverage In the event that your geography is not yet in the Jakarto catalog, and according to our geographic coverage planning, the data you desire could be produced as a priority. In the case of a geography outside our planning, they could be produced on request and after evaluation.