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Integration of raster data.

Tiles is a web service offered by Jakarto, allowing users to visualize geospatial data in the form of raster tiles. This service is accessible through a subscription to the Jakarto platform and plays a key role in the manipulation and analysis of urban data.

Key Features of Tiles:
Real-Time Generation: Tiles are dynamically generated from point clouds, offering up-to-date and accurate visualization.
Various Formats: Supports formats such as XYZ tiles and WMTS, which can be easily integrated into Geographic Information Systems (GIS).


Type of Rasters

  • 2D Raster: Various styles to illustrate the territory based on reflectance intensity or maximum intensity.
  • 2D Ground Raster: A specific representation of the ground. The absence of trees in this layer provides a clear view of the ground, allowing for a more precise analysis of the underlying surface.
  • 2D Lowest Maximum Points Raster: This style combines the two previous ones, highlighting the lowest points with the highest intensity.
  • 2D Classification Raster: Categorization of urban elements such as vegetation, buildings, vehicles, etc.
  • Verticality Raster: Highlighting vertical discontinuities in urban environments.
  • 2.5D Shadow Raster: Illustrating elevation differences, providing an additional perspective in terms of height and relief.

Explore Tiles on our Platform

A single platform bringing together various applications for the exploration and detailed analysis of 3D data.