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Digital mapping for powerlines and telecommunication networks

Better vegetation control reduces risks related to pruning and powerline maintenance

Mobile mapping of wired networks: how does it work?

Mobile mapping creates a digital twin of a wired network with down-to-the-centimeter precision.

The digital twin makes it possible to plan and manage an entire network remotely.

It also lets you conduct simulations to determine the best action plans.

Measure between cable power line maintenance

Jakarto helps you better plan and execute work related to power and telecom lines

Measure between cable global power line maintenance
Clean & Elegant
Fully Responsive

Get all the answers to your questions in just a few clicks

  • How many poles in the network?
  • What’s the distance between each of them?
  • Precisely, how far are branches from the cables?
  • What’s the distance between the powerlines and telecommunication lines?
  • What components are present within the network?
  • What’s the distance between buildings and the cables?
  • And more!
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Digital twin city

Jakarto’s mobile mapping units 

Engineered and manufactured by our team, our mobile capture units are unlike any other systems of their kind! We manage every industry-leading component featured in the design.

Lidar power line maintenance Jakarto
2 000 000
measurements per second
Millimeter-precision measurements
Geographical positioning accuracy of 2-3 cm
Seamless capture speeds range from 10 to 100 km/h

Jakarto supports the digital transformation of your networks.

Opt for better asset management, optimized network expansion planning, and safer interventions.

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Electrician doing power line maintenance
Improve powerline maintenance with the help of LiDAR technology

What are the main benefits of mobile mapping for powerline and telecommunication maintenance?

Electrician doing power line maintenance

Planning for pruning

Reduce the risk of outages by mapping vegetation near power and telecom lines

overhead cables and power line maintenance

Asset inventory

Plan and execute actions with a comprehensive infrastructure inventory of the network.

power line man doing power line maintenance

Safer ground operations

Minimize on-site risks: more remote monitoring means less time in the field.

Digital mapping helps you better plan, manage, and simulate your many network projects

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