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Fire Hydrants

Data on fire hydrants along the road network.

These Jakarto data contain information on the geolocation (X, Y) of fire hydrants.

This inventory data is provided as a single deliverable, which includes a bonus :

2D Data: Data file (.shp) containing the geolocation of each fire hydrant.
As a bonus - Jakartowns Context URL: For each element, a hyperlink is associated and can be activated to open Jakartowns directly at the location of the element, allowing you to visualize the geographical context.

fire 2

Inventory Technical Details

Fire hydrant Inventory

  • Fire hydrant’s unique identifier
  • Fire hydrant’s position
  • Hyperlink to view the location in Jakartowns
  • Capture date

Key information

Geographic coverage In the event that your geography is not yet in the Jakarto catalog, and according to our geographic coverage planning, the data you desire could be produced as a priority. In the case of a geography outside our planning, they could be produced on request and after evaluation. Allow for production and delivery times between 5 and 10 weeks.
Quality and completeness

Although every effort is made to ensure the completeness of the inventory data, it is possible that the inventories may not be 100% complete. If an object obstructs the view of the capture unit, an item behind it cannot be recorded. Therefore, items might be missing in the delivered inventories; we try to limit the proportion of such occurrences.

Jakarto in numbers

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