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Geographical data Acquisition

Jakarto's mobile mapping units capture 3D HD geospatial data

Data acquisition with our mobile mapping units

Our Mobile Mapping Unit (MMU) is a vehicle equipped with a capture system (LiDAR, cameras, GPS, IMU) for automatically capturing data and geo-referenced images, which are used to build 3D digital twins and 2D maps


A system composed of several sensors

Jakarto data captured by the MMUs precisely reproduce what the various sensors can see and detect from the road, allowing the generation of a digital twin of the territory covered.

  • 2,000,000 measurements per second
  • Capture capacity of 150,000 km/year
  • Precise positioning with accuracy down to 2 -3 cm
  • System operational during all 4 seasons

What makes our MMUs so unique ?


Our units can capture the necessary data for analysis and measurement of any object in a defined environment.



No road obstruction! Because our units are mobile, they capture data without slowing down traffic.

Light (2)


As far as accuracy goes, our units are second to none. The margin of error is less than 1 mm in a 10-meter capture and less than 3 mm in a 50-meter capture. Our 4K cameras even read the fine print!



In urban settings, our units take precise readings when moving at an average speed of 30 km/h. Unlike other traditional methods of collecting data, our mobile solutions let you capture at the speed of steady traffic.



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