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JakartoApr 8, 2021 9:32:33 AM2 min read

Jakarto partners with Rival Solutions, enriching its data with IRI (international roughness index) metrics

Montreal, March 31 - Jakarto is proud to announce its partnership with the firm Rival Solutions. The collaboration will help Jakarto capture pavement conditions, thus enriching its data.

The alliance makes the most out of each party’s respective services: Jakarto’s 3D geospatial data and Rival Solutions’ algorithms for calculating IRI for road performance (a metric also known in Quebec as “CH-2 rolling comfort”).

This partnership beautifully showcases the potential of our 3D HD data. Apart from being leveraged for digital twins and infrastructure cataloguing, our data can now be analyzed for IRI metrics. This exciting new project couldn’t have been possible without Rival’s knowhow and openness. Félix Laroche, CEO of Jakarto.

Thanks to the various sensors in our capture units (LiDAR, GPS, inertial platform), we can collect data and metadata on pavement trajectory, direction, and inclination. Rival then processes our data to assess the pavement (IRI/CH-2).

With the integration of these new sensors, the Rubix platform once again demonstrated its flexibility. This integration adds value to the data collected by the Jakarto and will undoubtedly benefit municipalities. Claude Laflamme, Founder and R&D Director at Rival.

IRI/CH-2 References (in French) :

Contact Jakarto to learn more about your area’s data and IRI..

About Rival Solutions

Founded in 2013, Rival Solutions develops innovative products and services to help with public works and geomatics decision-making. It offers simple, efficient, and scalable solutions for preventive infrastructure management. Rival Solutions integrates leading mobile-mapping technologies, cloud computing, and business intelligence applications via reports and powerful dashboards.

Its products eliminate the complex, burdensome tasks associated with planning, operating, and maintaining transportation networks. Rival’s clients are municipal infrastructure managers, maintenance and operations managers, and engineering service providers involved in assessing, planning, maintaining, and rehabilitating roads, sidewalks, and bike paths.

About Jakarto

Founded in Montreal in 2017, Jakarto captures and brings to market high-definition 3D geospatial data (HD 3D Mapping). With its mobile capture units, Jakarto maps cities and infrastructures in Quebec and Eastern Canada. Its data catalogue includes 3D digital twins and 2D and 2.5D layers, which combine LiDAR data and colour images. Offering innovative solutions to AEC and geomatics experts, Jakarto works with and for municipalities, public utilities, and owners/managers of transport sites and networks.

The Jakarto platform works on a robust cloud computing infrastructure to integrate, process, analyze, and disseminate road and infrastructure data with precision. Its digital twins can be accessed via Jakarto’s proprietary software Jakartowns (visualization, measurements, manual inventory) or any other geomatics software (GIS, CAD, BIM). Additionally, the Jakarto platform is enriched with AI algorithms dedicated to the detection and semi-automatic or automatic extraction of inventory such as signage, street furniture, vegetation, poles, and lampposts.