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JakartoJul 25, 2023 3:30:26 PM1 min read

Discover the new Jakarto platform

It is with immense pride and great excitement that we announce the launch of our new Jakarto platform. Our team has committed to developing an innovative and intuitive platform offering a comprehensive set of tools and services specialized in the utilization of LiDAR data.
Discover the platform

The new Jakarto platform serves as a true toolbox for professionals in mapping, urban planning, and spatial data analysis:

  • Jakartowns immerses you in a full 3D environment through visualization of point clouds. Explore, measure, and interpret data to highlight the information that matters to you.
  • Tiles, our new application, revolutionizes the visualization and integration of vector tiles in your Geographic Information System (GIS).
  • With Data, our point cloud download service, you can obtain LiDAR data tailored to a selected area and seamlessly integrate them into your point cloud software for in-depth analysis.
  • Our Jakartowns plugin, compatible with ArcGIS, QGIS, JMap, and Google Maps, provides a smooth transition between your 2D maps and Jakartowns. Simply click on your area of interest in your GIS to switch to a 3D view within Jakartowns.
  • The Jakartowns API offers a direct and simplified connection between Jakartowns and your inventory. The incorporation of Jakartowns into your systems is now more straightforward than ever.

Finally, we are pleased to offer an on-demand LiDAR data capture service, providing the opportunity to order LiDAR data customized for your projects.

The new Jakarto platform is your ideal partner for the optimal utilization of LiDAR data. Whether your goal is to visualize, download, connect, or capture data, Jakarto is by your side to make the experience as efficient and rewarding as possible.

Visit our platform to discover these new features and start exploring all that Jakarto can offer you.