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Geospatial data

Jakarto captures, prepares, and distributes HD geographic data in 3D.

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Jakarto Geospatial data usage
Jakarto Data
Geospatial data usage

Data usage

Geospatial data processing

Data processing

Geospatial data acquisition

Data acquisition


Jakarto data

Jakarto data represents what's known as a digital twin. It's data that replicates in 3D any specific area—be it a worksite, a road, or an entire city. What sets Jakarto's data apart is that it leverages AI technology to create the most accurate digital twin possible. Specifically, AI simplifies the process of identifying and inventorying landscape elements (e.g. trees), as well as elements related to urban infrastructure (e.g. lampposts) and roads (e.g. signs).

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Shape, appearance, and position

To ensure the quality of its digital twins, Jakarto uses different sensors to capture three distinct types of data

Geospatial data shape


LiDARs capture 3D point clouds

Geospatial data appearance


360-degree cameras capture a series of colour images

Geospatial data position


GPS geolocation and IMU correction data (Inertial Measurement Unit)

By marrying these three data sources, Jakarto generates a highly precise digital twin.

Jakarto's Data

Depending on whether it's being used to create maps or extract inventory elements (in 2D and 3D), Jakarto's data can be broken down into four main categories.

3D map data

3D map data

Complete territory data for 3D viewing and immersion

2D map data

2D map data

2D data generated from complete 3D data

3D inventory data

3D inventory data

Data specific to one or more inventory categories, which represents elements in 3D

2D inventory data

2D inventory data

Data specific to one or more inventory categories, which represents elements in 2D

3D map data
Sensors used during Jakarto’s data capture maximize details and precision. This 3D data can be supported by software including GIS (geographic information systems), CAD (computer-aided design), and BIM (building information modeling). Unlike other 3D maps, Jakarto’s uniquely offers “complete inventory” potential.
Jakarto data 2D map data
Ensuring CAD compatibility, Jakarto’s 2D cartographic data have the same high resolution as the original 3D source. Conversely, the data can also be simplified and scaled for GIS compatibility.
3D inventory data

Jakarto’s 3D map data is unique in that it has “complete inventory” potential.

By leveraging AI technology, Jakarto can carry out processing chains for each inventory category. In other words, Jakarto fully automates the task of analyzing 3D data and extracting elements specific to landscapes and roads.

The 3D elements of any inventory category can be isolated and indexed in a database accessible by specialized software and dedicated systems.

Inventory categories might include:

  • Lampposts
  • Traffic signs
  • Viaducts
  • Standpipes
  • Mailboxes
  • Etc.
2D inventory data
In the same way Jakarto isolates certain elements in 3D, it can represent inventory in 2D. Its system identifies elements in our three-dimensional universe but, during extraction, reinterprets the data in 2D using points, lines, and defined zones.

Consult the coverage map to see if your location is already digitized!

Coverage map
Digital twin city

Geospatial data file formats

Jakarto data is available in widely used file formats for open source software, including GIS, CAD, and BIM.

Geospatial data format

Jakarto disseminates data in "de facto" formats set by the industry or using standards set by the OGC (Open Geospatial Consortium). Its formats include .las for 3D and .shp for 2D.

Data interoperability

Jakarto's 2D and 3D data is available in file formats compatible with software developed by Autodesk, Bentley, Dassault Systèmes, Esri, Hexagon, and even JMap from K2 Geospatial as well as Géo-Plus.

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Analyze, measure, and inventory Jakarto data with Jakartowns

Our Jakartowns web viewer is one of many solutions available for viewing Jakarto data in 3D.

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