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Leverage Jakarto data in several ways

1. Jakartowns is our turnkey web solution, including visualization and cloud computing hosting.

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2. You can also use your GIS, CAD and BIM software to visualize and analyze your Jakarto data.

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Jakarto data

Data usage


Data processing


Data acquisition

With Jakartowns, it’s as if you’re actually there

Jakartowns is a virtual explorer that lets you analyze, measure and inventory all aspects of your city’s digital twin

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How Jakartowns works?

See how easy it is to manage your geospatial data with Jakartowns


Plan all your tasks and projects remotely


Take industry-certified measurements with centimeter accuracy


Take inventory of various equipment and buildings with precise positioning

Digital twin city
Jakartowns works on every browser

Jakartowns works with all the popular browsers

No installation required. Your team can use Jakartowns wherever there’s an internet connection

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Consult the coverage map to see if your location is already digitized!

Coverage map

Do more from your office and reduce costs

By working remotely, your business minimizes travel expenses and reduces the size of its vehicle fleet

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Explore Jakartowns in video
Watch these videos to see Jakartowns in action and to use it in just a few clicks

2_5__How to move on Jakartowns -- tutorials-thumb
How to navigate in Jakartowns?

Easily surf through the different cities into Jakartowns and easily explore the territories.

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3_5__How to use the measurement tools -- tutorials-thumb
How to use the measurement tools in Jakartowns?

Manage geolocation and measurement
tools in Jakartowns in a few clicks.

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4_5__How to export Jakartowns data into my GIS  -- tutorials-thumb
How to create a 3D inventory
and export it to your GIS?

Create a 3D inventory in Jakartowns and easily
export it to your Geographic Information System.

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5_5__How to download 3D pointclouds from Jakarto  -- tutorials-thumb
How to download 3D point clouds?

Get high-precision data into your GIS-CAD-BIM software by downloading 3D point clouds in Jakartowns

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Far beyond Jakartowns

Interoperability of Jakarto geographic data in your GIS, CAD and BIM software

Jakarto is a partner of Esri and K2 Geospatial, for optimal interactivity and compatibility with their software suite, being ArcGIS and JMap. Jakarto's 2D and 3D data in general are available in file formats also compatible with the majority of software developed by the likes of Autodesk, Bentley, Dassault Systèmes, Hexagon, Géo-Plus.

esri Partner Bronze
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